Tore Game Show - One of the Weirdest Japanese TV Shows!

DEC 07, 2022 AT 03:16 AM


Usually, game shows are meant to be fun for the viewers. However, some game shows, such as the Tore Japanese TV and other absurd Japanese shows, are bizarre and feature weird scenes. Notably, unlike popular American TV shows that are both entertaining and inspiring, most Japanese shows are scary, strange, and dehumanizing.

Most of these bizarre Japanese shows entail aspects of danger which aids in the publicity of the shows.


Tore Game Show Overview

Tore Game Show is one of the strangest and most absurd Japanese game shows. The show features contestants who risk getting mummified and closed in a coffin-like box if they fail to answer the asked questions correctly.

Although many people are lovers of horror shows, Tore game show episodes are most scary, especially watching the slow mummifying of the contestant from toe to head and being closed inside a casket. Mainly, the game is made for an adult audience since it consists of some of the most brutal scenes.

In the game, the contestants are asked seven questions under terrifying circumstances. Importantly, they are faced with the brutal possibility of being wrapped by a mummifying machine with a white cloth. But, to avoid mummification, they must answer all seven questions within sixty seconds.

Throughout the game, the contestants have the illusion that they have control over their fate by simply answering the questions asked correctly and fast. While in the beginning, the game show seems harmless and somewhat entertaining, as it progresses, it becomes scary. Usually, the contestants are timed, where they must answer questions within the specified timeframe. Failure to answer the questions correctly, they get wrapped like a mummy.

Mainly, when the contender answers some of the questions wrong, they get wrapped with a white cloth from the toe upwards to the head. Notably, throughout the game, they are not given room to comprehend the questions and increase the possibility of answering them correctly. Instead, they are forced to answer the questions very fast. Any hesitations to give answers make them increase the likelihood of being mummified against a pole using a wrapping machine.

Therefore, to avoid the danger of mummification, the contestants are supposed to try their best to answer the questions as quickly as possible and answer all of them correctly. In the end, if they don't answer correctly, which is mostly the case, their mummified body is closed into a casket. This is quite a terrifying scene, and you would be left with disturbing questions.

After mummification and being put in a coffin, do the contestants die? This is one of the most common questions you will ask, especially if it's your first viewing of the game show. To answer you, the important part about the game is that it’s only a game. While in the show, there is no evidence on whether the mummified contestants die or not, it’s apparent that they don’t die.

Essential Facts About Tore Game Show

  • Language. The game show is in Japanese. However, despite being premiered in Japanese, it's easy to follow the show, understand and enjoy it even when you are not fluent in Japanese. Importantly, if you are interested in learning the Japanese language, you can quickly look up the words in your dictionary as you enjoy the thrill of the show.
  • Setting. The Tore game show setting is Egyptian, with modern devices and equipment. The stage entails beautiful Egyptian-themed walls, keys, and pyramids.
  • The mummified contestants don't actually die. Do the mummified contestants actually die? No. The contestants don't die. Although in the game, it seems the mummified contestants die, they are alive and safe. Therefore, although throughout the game, you will feel anxiety building, at the end and behind the scenes, the mummified contestants remain alive.
  • Popularity. Although Tore Game Show has been a strange, bizarre, and often scary show since it was first aired in 2012, it's still one of the popular weird Japanese TV shows with millions of views.

Reasons you Should Watch Tore Game Show

Although scary Japanese game shows such as Tore are not just for everyone, they can be fun for people who love intense horror shows. These are some reasons you can consider watching this weirdest game among other odd game shows.

  • The game is unpredictable. One of the reasons why people like watching scary games is because they are unpredictable. Usually, you don't know what will happen next, and it's hard to predict what will happen next. This is the same concept as any other entertainment material, such as movies or books.
  • An opportunity to learn how to react when in crisis. Although not obvious, there are lessons you can learn from the Tore game show. For instance, by watching this scary Japanese game show, you will learn how people react when they are in danger.
  • For entertainment. Although the mummification of the contestants who give wrong answers is strange and scary, it's a fun game if you love watching such scenes. Therefore, if you are thrilled by terrifying scenes, this is one of the weirdest and most absurd shows you can watch.
  • Get a new experience from the usual entertainment TV shows. While most TV shows are for entertainment and contain educational content, sometimes you can watch a show with weird scenes, such as a Tore show, for a change.


If you are looking for a Japanese TV show that will make you laugh and terrified at the same time, Tore show may be the show for you.  The Tore game show will allow you to watch something different than what you are used to watching on television.

Although the game show is not for the weak-hearted or people who are easily terrified, and it may be difficult to watch at first, once you get into the game show atmosphere, it's pretty entertaining.

Therefore, if you're looking for something different and weirdly fun on TV, this show should be considered. However, if you are scared of horror scenes, you should be careful when watching this show or avoid it altogether.