Totally relaxed cats – nearly yoga for lazy creatures

APR 18, 2017 AT 12:44 PM


Everyone knows that cats can relax better than anyone else in the world. We have to take them as example, especially in our stressed office life today.

What are you looking at? Get yourself a hammock and have a rest!

Cat with glasses

Spring is coming… Spring is coming… Learn how to meditate!

The cat basks in the sun

The art of simultaneous sleeping – we’re the champions in all disciplines.

Cats are sleeping on the armchair

Oh, look at those pretty nails – great manicure always pays off.

Cat warms its paws in the sun

Sunset meditation – let the bird come down to my window!

Sunset meditation

Hey, do you think he’s still alive? Don’t worry – he always does that when drunk.

2 cats raised their paws

Hey, human! Get me another bottle of beer right now.

The cat and the owner are resting on the street

What’s on TV? Oh, again those soap operas…

Man and cat are sleeping on the couch

There is nothing better then to sleep on a shoulder of your buddy!

Cat and dog sleep together

Ok, let’s look what’s there on TV now. Or should I have a nap again?

The cat is sitting in a chair

One watermelon is surely not enough for this sweetie couple.

Cat sits on a watermelon

Jealous? Don’t tell me that – I found my Nirvana.

Cat sleeps under the covers

My human! Bring some more woods – my laps are feeling cold!

The cat warms its paws by the fireplace

To be woken up somewhere near March.

Owner and cat

My favorite bed. And the whole world can wait a bit.

Cat sleeps in an unusual pose

Blake & Bianca

I have to warm this tree – it’s my today’s mission.

The cat lies in a flower pot

This all-inclusive holiday is right for me.

Cat sunbathes on the beach

Thanks God, this day is over. Time to rest!

Cat resting on an armchair

Here I am, my big fluffy friends! You are so cozy.

Kitten lies on cats

Hey, buddy, do you think our fluff can get suntanned?

Cats are on the roof