We Compared Liz Cambage And Te’a Cooper Lifestyle

FEB 04, 2022 AT 01:04 AM


Las Vegas Aces star, and extremely tall girl, Elizabeth Cambage, lives the life of a rich woman. She’s dating a football star, Alex Lee. She has a bright personal life and she prefers keeping it secret. In her interviews, Liz often says that all society wants from her is to sit down, shut her mouth and go for sports training. She’s known to protest against any kind of inequality in sport and in life.

In her private life, the tall woman Liz says she loves being the woman for her man, she likes attention and she recently started appreciating her sexuality. There were problems with self-estimation because it’s really hard to feel like a sex-appealing lady if you are 6 feet 8 inches tall. But Liz has a nice shape and with her wonderful height, she looks perfect.


Today we’ll compare the life habits of Liz Cambage and Te’a Cooper.

Who is Te’a Cooper?

She is the fresh LA Sparks star aged 24. Te’a has only started her way to the top WNBA players’ list, but she is now extremely popular with basketball fans. Her height is 5 feet 8 inches which can be considered tall for an average girl, but it’s really incomparable with 6 feet 8 inches of Liz Cambage. Liz is a foot taller than Te’a!

Being quite short for basketball has given Te’a one important advantage. Her technique is very good and her stamina is much better than that of the tall girls of WNBA. So she can stay on track during all the match and keep scoring until the last second.

Te’a has three siblings and she lived in a full family. Liz Cambage wasn’t that lucky, her parents split up when she was 3 months old and she lived with her mom.

Te’a Cooper is the rising star and we’ll probably get to know more about her in the nearest future. Now we only know that she was married to Dwight Howard, the 35-year-old NBA player. They married in 2019 secretly, but two years later they split up. Now Te’a is single and she never tells journalists about her private life.

Liz Cambage is also single, but she’s been dating Alex Lee for a long time. She had a lot of relationships, and the American sports press loved to write about them. Liz was involved in a couple of scandals, but she always managed to keep her reputation clean.

Te’a started playing basketball in 2012 just because she liked the sport and wanted to be active. She achieved success in her first year by winning the local championship in her state. After that, she was a star of college basketball and she was picked by Phoenix Mercury in the 2020 WNBA Draft. Unfortunately, Mercury had to cut some of their new players due to financial issues, and Te’a started playing for LA Sparks.

Liz Cambage started playing basketball when she was 10 years old. She suffered a lot in school because boys were bullying her all the time for her extremely tall height. She was 6 feet at 10. Then her mother offered her to try playing basketball. Liz’s mom was hoping that she could find new friends on the basketball court. And she was right. Liz felt support and she understood that her height was an advantage. After that Liz started her career in Australia and in some years, she went to the US to become the WNBA Star.

These girls have extremely different lives and different ways to WNBA's top players’ list.

Salaries and career prospects

Liz Cambage has a great contract with Las Vegas Aces. Her base salary is more than $220 000 a year. She also uses her off-season time to play in Australia and in China. That brings her more money. But most of her fortune she has earned with endorsement deals with sports brands. She also uses her popularity to gain additional income in social media, and we actually can’t estimate the amount of money she earns in the advertisement sphere.

Te’a Cooper has a much worse contract with Los Angeles Sparks that offers her just slightly more than $50 000 of base salary a year. Although, her net worth is estimated to be $2 million. We assume that she earns her money being a social media influencer with her Instagram account having over 1.3 million followers.

We hope that Te’a will be even more popular and successful – she’s only started her way in professional sport. And we also hope Liz will show more of her great game.