What to Wear to Hang Out with a Guy at His House? Our Choice

JAN 12, 2023 AT 10:56 AM


Meeting a guy, especially for the first time, in his house is a big deal. Notably, deciding what to wear to hang out with him at his house is equally crucial, and it might stress you when you don't have ideas of what to choose. While you may have gone on a few dates before, and now he has suggested you visit him at his house, it’s always appropriate to dress right for the occasion. 

Mainly, you want to look fashionable and attractive without neglecting your comfort. So how do you ensure you dress well? In this post, we will give you ideas on what to wear when hanging out with a guy in this house. Also, we give you factors to consider when choosing the appropriate dress to put on. 


Outfit Ideas to Consider When Going to Hang out with a Guy

If you're going to be hanging out with your guy, the last thing you want to do is show up in something that's not attractive or too casual. The following are various options to choose from:

1) Well-fitting Jeans and a T-shirt

This classic and casual wear is perfect for hanging out at someone's house. The guys find girls wearing a pair of jeans attractive and hot. However, you should choose jeans that are well fitting. Too big jeans look unfashionable and unattractive, while too small jeans will make you feel uncomfortable. 

A nice pair of jeans will look good on you when paired with a fitting top. Therefore, when picking this outfit, ensure every piece fits nicely on your body. 

2) Denim Shorts

Adoring denim shorts are an excellent choice for your upcoming date at his house. Most guys find them attractive and stylish. Also, the shorts will make you look and feel young. 

If you are looking for a modern look, then denim shorts should be at the top of the list of outfits you can wear when visiting him. 

3) Leggings

Wear a pair of beautiful leggings when visiting him at his house. The leggings will not only make you appear stylish, but they will highlight your sexy body shape. The leggings will make you look hotter while adding extra warmth, especially during cold weather. 

Also, the leggings are appropriate for dates, especially when physical activities are involved. Therefore, they are comfortable and casual outfits that are a perfect choice when hanging out at a guy's house. 

4) A Dress and Sneakers 

A casual short dress is a good choice for hanging out at the guy’s house. Usually, dresses are feminine. When choosing a dress to wear to a date, always consider the suitable combination of colors and patterns for your complexity. Mainly, the dress you choose should enhance your attractiveness. You can choose between neutral colors or vibrant colors. It will all depend on your preference. 

For the best feminine look and comfort, you can pair the dress with a colorful pair of sneakers. 

5) Shirts

Shirts are another great option of clothes to wear for a date to a guy’s house. The shirts give you a casual look your guy will love when hanging out with him at his house. Notably, when selecting the best shirts, ensure they are well fitting and classy. 

There are various gorgeous shirt designs; hence you can always find a piece that suits your taste. 

6) Wear Miniskirt

Miniskirts are fashionable and timeless pieces of cloth that can’t be the wrong choice for a date. The skirts are stylish and feminine. 

A mini skirt will make you feel confident and attractive. Notably, many options are based on the colors, patterns, and fabric types.

7) Classic Denim Jacket 

A denim jacket is one of those outfits that you can pair with anything and still look fabulous and stylish. You can wear a denim jacket anytime you want to enhance and transform your everyday look. 

The jackets give you a modern look making them a perfect choice for a date. If you are not sure of a suitable color, you choose the popular blue denim jacket for your upcoming date. 

8) A sweater 

This is a comfortable and casual outfit that is perfect for lounging or hanging out at your guy’s house. This outfit is a perfect choice, especially when you don't have much time to think about what to wear or have limited options in your closet. 

The sweater is warm and makes you feel great, especially on a cold day. Importantly, you can perfectly pair it with fitting sweatpants. 

Other elegant outfits you can choose from based on your taste and preference include maxi skirts, summer dresses, sweatpants, crop tops, hoodies, and dungarees, among others. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing What to Wear When going to a Guy’s House

When visiting a guy at his house, you'll want to ensure the outfits you choose fit well and look good on you, and create the desired vibe. So you should consider all the relevant factors to ensure you choose clothes from your closet that can work well together. Here are some of the factors to consider. 

  • Your Physique

People have different body shapes, and each specific shape determines one's outfit choice. The choice of clothes by a slender person differs from that of a chubby person. For instance, if you are curvy, it's essential to choose clothes that highlight your features. Avoid clothes with a round neckline that draws attention to your chest and shoulders. 

Instead, choose clothes that will enable you to show off your curves. If you choose a top, pair it with a shorter skirt or pants. 

  • Your Level of Creativity

If you are super creative, then you can try out different outfits. The outfits you choose will likely look good on you because you will creatively choose the right color and style combination. 

However, if you don't like exploring new ways of dressing, you should carefully pick an outfit that is well fitting and looks lovely on you without much effort. 

  • The time you have to prepare

Decide what to wear based on the amount of time you have before the actual date. If you have limited time to prepare for the visit, it's reasonable to consider the outfits you already have in your closet and choose the most suitable one. 

You don't have much time to go through all the clothes in your closet and probably think of buying an additional piece of cloth to pair with what you have. 

  • Comfort

It's a good idea to wear something comfortable when hanging out at someone's house. It's important to feel comfortable and confident in whatever you choose to wear. 

For guaranteed comfort, while you have various dressing options, it's important to pick clothes that allow you to be yourself and feel confident and good. 

  • The season and time

If it's the cold season and during a cold night, consider wearing an outfit with leggings and jeans underneath for extra warmth. 

On the other hand, if it's during summer, consider wearing shorts or short dresses that are comfortable and appropriate for a hangout event with your guy.


We hope the information in this article has unveiled new ideas about how best to dress up for hangouts with a guy in his house. So, if you're a girl who can't find the perfect outfit for hanging out with a guy at his house, the above advice should come in handy. 

Lastly, don't stress or spend a lot of money buying outfits for dates. Always put your preferences and comfort into consideration when choosing what to wear. There's no need to feel like anything is wrong with you because of an outfit you wore on a date to impress others. As long as you love the outfit you choose and feel confident and comfortable in it, you will always look beautiful.