Why Am I Thinking About Someone All of a Sudden? We Explain

JAN 03, 2023 AT 06:18 AM


Sometimes, you might begin thinking about someone suddenly, but is there something more to it? Could there be a specific reason why you are thinking about the person? 

Mainly, if you begin thinking about someone suddenly and spend some time reminiscing about things or occasions you attended together, it becomes hard to ignore. Notably, although it's natural and harmless to think about someone you have met before, sometimes it can become an obsession. 


Therefore, although there is no reason to feel guilty or worry when you begin thinking about a person, sometimes you may require guidance on how to stop it. In this post, we will give you reasons you might start thinking about somebody suddenly. Also, we will provide tips you can apply to stop thinking about them, especially if you are disturbed by the thoughts. 

Reasons You Might be Thinking About Someone

If you realize you have begun thinking about someone suddenly and can't stop it, it's a good idea to try and figure out why. Usually, there are many reasons why you might suddenly start thinking about another person. These reasons include:

1) Something Reminded You of Them

Maybe you saw something that reminded you of that person, and it made you begin thinking about them. For instance, perhaps you ran into the person’s look-alike somewhere or saw a post about them on social media.

2) You have fond memories

Sometimes, it could be that you just subconsciously began thinking about that person for no particular reason. Notably, while there may be no specific reason you started thinking about them suddenly, you have fond memories that you can’t ignore. 

3) You Had Feelings for The Person

Sometimes it could be that you're thinking about the person because you have feelings for them. Your emotions could be a strong attraction towards the person or a strong disliking for them. The feelings could be based on your experience when you interacted with them and how they made you feel. 

4) You Miss Them, and You are Longing to Reconnect

Sometimes, it could be that you miss that person, and you begin to think about them because you want to see them again. 

5) They Were Once Your Good Friend

If you have a close relationship with this person and you are no longer in touch, then you may suddenly begin thinking about them. In such instances, you're thinking about them because they're in your thoughts and had a lot of good influence over you during the days you were together as buddies.

6) They Have Impacted Your Life

If this person is no longer in your life, but perhaps they had some impact on your life in different ways in the past, then you may begin thinking about them. For instance, maybe they made time for you when everyone else was busy. So, you're thinking about them because they greatly impact your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

How Do You Stop Thinking About Someone?

Usually, there is no problem with thinking about someone unless it makes you feel bad or become obsessed. But, sometimes, you may want to stop thinking about the person. 

Mainly, wanting to stop thinking about somebody is important, especially when it bothers you. Here are ways you can apply to stop thinking about someone:

  • Recognize and acknowledge you are thinking about them. The first thing to do is to recognize that you are thinking about them. Usually, when you are thinking about someone, you cannot deny it. To stop it, you first need to be aware you are thinking about the person.
  • Find out how thinking about them makes you feel.The next step is simply recognizing what happens inside yourself when you think of this person. For instance, do you have feelings of attraction toward the person? Realizing how the thoughts make you feel will enable you to desire and effectively plan to stop them.
  • Think about something else.If your mind is stuck on thinking about someone, try focusing on something else in the present moment. Diverting your attention to something else is a quick and effective way to prevent constant thoughts about someone. 
  • Distract yourself by doing physical activities you love. For instance, you can take a walk or do some yoga stretches if they work better for you than thinking about the person.
  • Get help. If you are beginning to think about someone who is really bothering you, you can consult a professional or a friend to help you get a perspective on what's going through your mind. You will likely get a helpful solution on how to handle the thoughts and how to stop the thoughts before you begin becoming obsessed.
  • Stop stalking them. This is another best way to forget about a person quickly. Simply stop following them on social media platforms. 
  • Remove any memories of them. If you have photos or gifts that remind you of the person, remove them from your vicinity, and you will reduce the times you think about the person. 
  • Avoid meeting them. If you stay in the same area or use common routes, you can consider relocating or changing your paths. 
  • Focus on yourself. Sometimes you begin missing and thinking about someone else because you feel and wish the person is still part of your life. However, you can start making yourself and your needs a priority and stop thinking about them all the time. 

Why It's Hard to Stop Thinking About Someone

Although the above tips are effective in enabling you to stop thinking about someone either immediately or gradually, sometimes the recommendations may not work. Mainly, when someone is subconsciously stuck in your mind, it is difficult to stop thinking about that person. Sometimes you will find yourself thinking about the person repetitively or constantly.

Why is it difficult to stop thinking about someone? Mainly, there are many reasons you can begin thinking about someone and find it hard to stop it. The following are some notable reasons you may not be able to stop thinking about someone even when you want to.

- Who They Were and Meant to You

Some people, although they are not in your life currently, they meant a lot to you sometime back. They were very close to you and left a lasting impact on your life that can’t be erased. In this case, it’s difficult to stop thinking about them when you begin thinking about who they were and what they meant to you.

- Natural Desire for Connections

Human beings are created to desire connection with others. Usually, our relationship with other people gives us a sense of value. Therefore, naturally, we are likely to remember people we connected with before. Notably, based on our interactions and how we parted ways, thinking about them will make us happy or feel bad. 

- Mixed Emotions

Some people have had both positive and negative impacts on our lives, and we have mixed emotions about them. For instance, an ex who we were very close to and then chaotically parted ways will make us have mixed feelings whenever we remember them.

- Unresolved Issues

If you have unfinished business with the person you have begun thinking about, it will be difficult to stop thinking about the person.

- Loneliness

When you are lonely, you will likely begin thinking about somebody you think is attractive and can fill in the void. Since you desire a partner, you will keep thinking about that person, and stopping will be difficult.


Based on the above discussion, it's natural to begin thinking about people suddenly but not obsess about them. Importantly, you don't have to ignore it, especially if you've been thinking about someone a lot lately. Therefore, if the thoughts are getting in your way, it's worth considering stopping them.

Lastly, it’s normal to begin thinking about someone suddenly. But only consider others in moderation and apply the above tips to stop it. Purpose to focus on yourself and what makes you happy and productive instead of always thinking about others.