Why Does Butter Taste So Good to Me? Five Main Ideas

FEB 07, 2023 AT 09:13 AM


Butter is one of the favorite products of many people. Some of us just can’t imagine our mornings without a warm toast with butter and something on it like cheese or a piece of salmon. It even sounds tasty! But why does butter taste so good? If you try to eat it without anything like just with a spoon, it will taste completely disgusting. What’s the secret?

Today, we’ll tell you why butter tastes really good with other things and why you love it. We’ll also tell you if it’s OK to eat a lot of butter during the day. Even though this product is now pretty expensive, we still keep buying it because we just can’t imagine our life without butter. And this is going to be fun to investigate some more info about it!


Here’s what we are going to discuss today:

  • What causes butter to taste really good?
  • Why can’t you eat butter without anything else?
  • Is there a difference in taste in different types of butter?
  • How to make butter taste even better?
  • How much butter is it safe to eat daily?

Let’s get started!

What causes butter to taste so good to you?

Well, we should say that not all people love the taste of real butter. Maybe, you don’t like it either, you just haven’t had the chance to try real butter. What you can find in the local supermarket is only called butter but in fact, this product should have some other name.

Only a dozen of farmers all over the country still make some real butter and you may be surprised if you try it. Not all people will love the taste of butter made of real milk. It’s quite fatty and really hard to digest. And it stinks a little – resembles the cow stink, actually.

But we are talking about supermarket butter which tastes good because of these things:

  • any fat can open the flavor and taste of different products and intensify it;
  • it’s not really good to eat dry products like bread without butter which makes it soft and tasty;
  • the butter itself has a very limited taste but in combination with other products it will taste cool;
  • also, butter contains different additional components now, not only milk and cream, so it may taste good thanks to these add-ons;
  • you may find different types of butter with various fat percentages, so you may choose the one which tastes better to you;
  • sometimes, your body needs fat to keep working and at this time, the butter will be the tastiest thing in the world to you.

If you love cooking and learn how to cook, you know that fats are extremely important for tasty meals. You can’t cook a tasty and nutritious salad without olive oil or sunflower oil. Fats don’t only make the food feel better, they intensify the taste of certain products or seasonings and make it bright and sometimes even unrecognizable.

That’s actually why all types of sauce are pretty fat. And those that aren’t fat are pretty bad-tasting. So, butter plays the same role in your cooking – it enhances the smell and taste of certain products making them rich and even modifying them to allow you to feel some new taste.

What makes butter taste so good?

Make an experiment – go right to your fridge, take butter, take a spoon, cut a solid piece of butter with your spoon, and try to eat it. It won’t be really tasty – you will soon feel how grease it is and you won’t be able to swallow it. Even if you manage to eat it, after some time you will feel nauseous and maybe your stomach will start aching.

Now, take a piece of fresh bread and spread slightly melted soft butter over it, sprinkle it with a little salt, and try. Now it tastes good!

So, it’s not butter that tastes good. It’s your ability to find some other products that match with butter and make it taste good. You could have noticed that bread with butter tastes much worse than bread with butter with a pinch of salt. You can experiment with other seasoning types, not just salt. And simple bread with butter may well become one of the things that will diversify your eating.

Why do I really want and like butter?

This question is also pretty common currently. You should understand that your body will ask for some things that it really needs. For example, if a person desperately loves seaweed, their body really needs iodine.

When your body doesn’t get a decent amount of fat in daily nutrition, you may love butter and want it every time you have a meal. This means you should rethink your daily eating habits and include more good fats like olive oil, fish, nuts, etc. Once your body gets enough fat in daily nutrition, it will stop begging for butter that much.

It’s important because butter nowadays is not the healthiest thing you can get from a shop.

Are all kinds of butter that tasty?

Actually, no. There are many types of butter that are made of unknown products and are sold at a very cheap price. And those types are usually not tasty at all, whatever you do with them. Tasty butter is made of milk. Yes, it’s still hard to find good butter made of organic products these days, even if you don’t look at the price.

But still, more expensive types and brands of butter usually taste better. You should also know your personal preference. We know some people who adore some cheap types of butter that can stay soft even in the fridge so you spread it easily on your butter without struggling to cut a thin piece. But those types of butter are usually not really organic and tasty in the way you expect them to be.

So, no, not all kinds of butter are tasty, but it’s more of a personal choice for everyone.

How can you make butter even tastier?

In most cases, people love how butter tastes on bread or in some dishes. For example, you may hate potatoes but if you boil them and add some butter when it’s still hot, this will be a really tasty dinner.

So, butter makes other foods taste good and this is the key to how you can make them taste better. One of the most important things is to find the combination that tastes good to you personally. It may be butter and salt, butter and garlic, butter and parsley, or butter and a certain type of seasoning. And this finding will help you make your dishes both more nutritious and tastier.

Unfortunately, it’s still a bad idea to eat a lot of butter, so you should be careful with this product as it contains a lot of fat and a lot of calories. On average, 100 grams of classic butter contain about 717 calories which is huge. If you don’t control your butter consumption, you may get excessive weight pretty fast. Also, you may develop high cholesterol levels, a problem with blood vessels, and all other kinds of problems.

How much butter is it safe to eat daily?

Well, you should count it for yourself according to the other food you eat during the day. For example, if you had lunch at Burger King or McDonald’s today, better hide that pack of butter back in your fridge and forget about it for a couple of days.

It’s important how much fat you consume a day. Also, the calorie count is really important. If you eat all healthy food with low fat level, then butter may be a good daily treat for you. But keep it to 15-20 grams a day and inevitably count that amount into your daily nutrition plan as 100-140 calories. If you eat a lot of fat, keep butter at a minimum level and avoid eating it every single day.

Final words

So, butter is tasty because it makes your food tastier. It’s not about butter itself, but about how it combines with other products to make them much tastier. But you should be aware that this product contains a lot of fat and you should consume it reasonably in accordance with your nutrition plan.

Make sure you don’t eat too much butter because this will give your body extra fats that is not going to make you much healthier in the end. But if your diet lacks fats, butter is a wonderful product to compensate for that.