Why Do You Only Slash 3 Tires Not 4? Common Misconceptions Revealed

DEC 26, 2022 AT 08:45 AM


So, you have had a raging argument with your girlfriend and she stormed out of your flat. “Oh well, that is that!” you think. Let her go and maybe she will be back, maybe she won’t. At least you have your beautiful new Bentley in the garage, which makes up for any discord in your love life.

At least your car won’t walk out on you. You decide to take her for a spin to cheer yourself up. Grabbing your keys and jacket you head for the open garage, and stop in disbelief when you see your car. Three of your four tires are slashed!


Although disbelief may turn to anger, it is worth considering for a minute why she would choose to vandalize your car. Slashing tires is intended to prevent you from driving your vehicle until the tires are replaced not repaired.

An article on tireful.com considers the psychology of slashing tires. Briefly, this act could be the result of jealousy, revenge, sending a message, anger, or gaining your attention, or she may just be a psychopath. Did you say or do something that warrants this kind of behavior? Is she obsessed with you or is it an act of revenge?

People with psychopathic tendencies lack impulse control, core values, and emotional regulation. Whatever the reason, slashing someone’s tires is irrational.    


So now what are you going to do? You add up in your head how much it is going to cost to replace the tires. There is a common misconception that your vehicle insurance will not cover three slashed tires.

Where this three-tire rule came from no one seems to know for sure. Maybe it is shown in movies or it’s an around-the-grapevine type of thing. Auto Insurance states that if you are comprehensively insured, there should not be a problem, with being paid out for any number of tires. 

A respondent when asked this question on quora.com said “The reason people think that is because the cost of replacing three tires will more frequently be less than the deductible on a given insurance policy, than the cost to replace four tires.

In this case, even though the event would be covered, it is pointless to file a claim as the insurance company probably won’t pay out unless the deductible is met”

Another point to consider is that insurance companies generally require a full explanation for the reason for the claim. Few men, in particular, are willing to go into an in-depth conversation about their personal lives and will simply bite the bullet and payout to replace the tires. This may very well be the tire slasher’s objective. 

Depending on your insurer and policy the following tire events can be covered:

  • Vandalism (e.g. Slashing) and theft
  • Potholes and poor road conditions
  • Damage due to rioting
  • Tire spikes and tire puncturing debris
  • Other mishaps detailed in your policy.

It is therefore worth consulting with your insurance company, even if it is embarrassing. The disaster of tire slashing may not be as expensive as you think. 

Moving the Car

If you are lucky enough to have a tire dealership or Garage nearby, you can be back on the road within a short time. Otherwise, the tow truck is your only choice.

If the person slashed all four tires, then it’s a different matter. This will necessitate jacking your car up with four jacks unless you have a car lift in your garage, which you probably don’t, or call for a flatbed to fetch your car. 

Puncture vs Slash

Getjerry.com tells us that a slashed tire will deflate much quicker than a puncture, especially if the slash is severe. Also, it is possible to tell the difference by looking at the tire to see if it was slashed or punctured.

The other consideration for a person contemplating slashing tires is that a very sharp knife needs to be used to reach through not only the layers of rubber but probably the kevlar in the side wall of the tire. 

Criminal Offence

In our story of this man and his extremely angry girlfriend, she may be prosecuted for slashing his tires if it can be proved that she did it.

The slashing of tires is considered malicious damage to property and is a criminal offense, punishable by jail time. So, for anyone considering slashing another person’s tires or in any way damaging their car intentionally, be prepared to do the time for the crime. 

Slashing Safely for the Slasher

If you are still intent on slashing someone’s tires, there are a few safety precautions to be aware of. 

  • The tire sidewall near the rim is considered the weakest part of the tire. Aim your slash there. 
  • Don't allow any part of your legs to be in the line of the air that will forcibly escape. Face away from the tire.
  • Slash with one quick movement.
  • As you are committing an offense be aware of CCTVs and security cameras.
  • Drive away responsibly if you are in a car.
  • If you are in a public area, consider your own safety. 
  • Be aware of guard dogs.

Tire Safety for Everyone

In many circumstances, tires are overlooked when it comes to safety often with dire consequences. There are 6 simple rules to follow for car safety. It goes without saying that if your tires are in good condition, a perpetrator will not have an easy time slashing them. 

  • There should be at least 1.6 mm of rubber on them. A bald tire is dangerous. One can check this by inserting a match horizontally into the tread. If the match is level, the tire is still good.  
  • Tires that are over or underinflated are also not recommended. If a tire is underinflated it can cause it to burst. Overinflation can cause the tire to be susceptible to penetration, intentional or otherwise, abrasion and impact. Check the pressure regularly.
  • Make sure your wheel balancing and alignment are correct. A correct wheel alignment reduces uneven wearing of the tires. 
  • Constantly watch out for cracking, cuts, and bulges in the tires. These indicate a problem. 

Other safety issues to consider to keep your tires in good condition, and reduce their vulnerability to slashing or, more likely, unintentional damage; are replacing the size tires recommended by the tire or vehicle manufacturer. The tires should be the same on each axle. One should rotate the tires to obtain the maximum lifespan on them. 

As a tire slash is not a simple problem to fix, there are other means by which to ensure your car’s safety. 

  • Park in a safe spot when in public. If at home, close your garage door.
  • Drive carefully. A slash may be caused by any number of sharp objects on your path.
  • Have an alarm system in your car and garage.
  • Install a camera where you park your car. This may act as a deterrent and is also a means to identify a potential car thief or vandalism. 
  • Ensure your driveway and home exterior are well-lit.

The Last Thought on Slashing Tires

Although this article has some safety tips on how to slash tires, damaging another’s property, especially an expensive asset such as a vehicle, is never a good idea. There are numerous ways in which to get back at someone for mistreating you or punishing them for an offense.

Slashing tires can cause accidents, which in turn can cause injuries and loss of life. The person whose tires you slashed may not check before jumping in their car and driving it, especially if you did not make a good job of removing all the air out of the tires. Better to take your anger out in a more constructive way.