Why Is Burger King So Bad? We've Found 10 Disgusting Facts

FEB 06, 2023 AT 02:42 PM


If you haven’t heard of Burger King, you probably live in a cave. The renowned fast-food franchise, Burger King, has stood out as a popular fast-food brand in America and beyond for many years. However, its popularity isn’t what it once used to be.

For some people, Burger King will always reign supreme as the only home of delicious flame-grilled hamburgers. Nonetheless, Burger King has lost most of its customers and has difficulty competing with aggressive brands like McDonald's and Wendy's.


You are not alone in wondering why Burger King is so bad of late. Is it really bad, or are people just hating the burger joint? This article will answer your question with ten facts that Burger King does not want the public to know.

Reasons why Burger King is Fighting to Stay Alive

1. Burger King’s Unhealthy Food

Burger King’s food items are significantly unhealthy, thanks to their salty, high cholesterol, and unsaturated fat content. For example, its whoppers have over a thousand calories and up to 79 grams of fats, too much for a healthy meal. The 2150 milligrams of salt found in the franchise's hamburgers are particularly detrimental to the health of people with heart and blood pressure problems.

A wide segment of Burger King's customers consider it very unhealthy. They are now opting for the franchise's competitors like Wendy's, Subway, or McDonald's for healthy food options (well, healthier options, we would say). To address the situation, the self-proclaimed 'king of the burger' is coming up with alternative food products in place of its unhealthy food content.

2. Burger King’s Unsatisfactory Customer Service

Poor customer service is one of the reasons Burger King is falling out with its customers. While providing stellar client service is a challenge in the fast-food industry, the customer service at Burger King is blameworthy nowadays.

From inefficient complaint handling and long customer waits to customer shaming, there is always something wrong with the customer service at Burger King. For example, in an incident in one of the franchise's outlets in Waterloo, a customer was forced to wait 15 minutes for his french fries and milkshakes. Not fast enough for fast food.

This was after he incessantly complained about the time taken to serve him. This is probably not an everyday occurrence at the burger joint, but it highlights low-quality customer service.

In situations, managers can be counted on to step in and handle the disgruntled customer calmly and reassuringly.

3. Burger King’s Fake Vegan Burger

For many years, vegetarians all over thronged Burger King's outlets to have a taste of its supposedly delicious vegan burger. This swiftly stopped after it emerged that the burger is not vegan since it is cooked alongside meat products.

While this was not bad news to non-vegetarians, it displeased vegans because they cannot imagine eating something cooked in the same place as meaty foods. Vegans felt cheated and violated. Burger King's failure to disclose their handling of the veggie burgers compromised their beliefs and tricked them into eating improper food items. For some people, what Burger King had done was unforgivable.

4. Burger King’s Awful Breakfast Menu

Compared to fast food franchises like McDonald's and Starbucks, Burger King's breakfast menu is way behind. While its competitors have been revitalizing their breakfast menu from time to time, Burger King's brunch menu has been around for decades.

The franchise meals, including its whoppers, are too heavy for a morning meal and very unhealthy for anyone who wants to start their day by eating healthier. In the fast-food market, customers like light breakfast meals. They also want to try out new meals from time to time. Everyone tires of the same old menu after some time.

5. Burger King is so Expensive

Increasing inflation rates have had a tremendous negative impact on the cost of commodities. For example, with the increased cost of beef, burgers are now higher than ever in all fast-food franchises. 

Nonetheless, compared to its competitors in the fast food industry, the cost of meals at Burger King has skyrocketed unfathomably due to the interplay of factors related to the demand and supply of products the franchise relies on to make meals.

Consequently, many customers now consider Burger King's competitors for value-priced meals. However, the king of the burger is addressing efficiency and supply problems skyrocketing the cost of products.

6. Burger King’s Inconvenient Location

Burger King customers are seeking other options simply due to the awkward location of its restaurants. For instance, many of the franchise's outlets are located in very confined places where customers cannot easily park their cars.

Frequent customers have often raised complaints regarding the landscape of Burger King's parking lots and drive-throughs. The only way the king of the burger can address this problem is by ensuring the landscape of all its outlets caters to customers' parking needs.

7. Burger King’s Awful Marketing

The political incorrectness of some of Burger King's marketing campaigns has led many customers to turn away from the giant fast-food joint. For example, the ‘real meal’ campaign, which took place in the 2000s, was meant to dispute McDonald's 'happy meals' campaign, but ironically ended up soiling Burger King's image.

Many dissociated themselves from the franchise based on claims that it leveraged mental health issues for financial interests. Besides this, the franchise contracted a black woman, Mary K. Blige, to promote chicken wraps, a move that then proved how Burger King played into racial stereotypes.

Burger King's multiple ad disasters have not done its waning popularity any good.

8. Burger King and Bad Food

You have probably eaten horse meat if you regularly eat Burger King's hamburgers. Recently, there have been claims that the king of burgers is not only the home of hamburgers but also bad meals and horse meat. According to the Huffington Post, the whoppers that this infamous fast-food franchise has been making and distributing are made up of horse meat.

Some customers have complained about being given moldy or spoiled hamburgers or fries at one point or another at various outlets. All these have given cun customers more reasons to boycott the king of burgers.

9. Burger King is not Environment Friendly.

At a time when the world is struggling with global warming issues, no individual or business wants to be seen as an enemy of the environment. Burger King has, however, been in this place. Many customers shunned the global fast food franchise when the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources linked it to a company that grazes cattle in forests.

Besides developing environment-friendly packaging materials, the burger joint is coming up with different deliberate moves to reclaim its image about environmental conservation. Nonetheless, there is a need for the franchise to develop environmental protection policies that can be applied in all its outlets.

10. Unnecessary Inefficiency at Burger King

Delayed opening and extended meal preparation time are defining characteristics of almost all of Burger King's outlets. Online customer review sites are full of people questioning when these outlets start operating. Many go to their favorite outlet for breakfast only to find them closed, which can be very disappointing.

Because most outlets have no fixed opening time, they often record delays since the earlier they open, the faster their workers can attune themselves to work. While some delays are understandable, Burger King should know that speed and efficiency is important in attracting and keeping customers in the fast food market.


For reasons noted here, many people consider Burger King a terrible option for fast food. Nonetheless, the franchise's products, such as the flame-grilled whopper, still stand out as an attraction to many fast-food lovers. It's flame-grilled.

However, the king of burgers must work on the drawbacks we have highlighted to be in tune with customers.