Wonder Of The Seas – What To Do On The Biggest Ever Cruise Ship?

MAR 01, 2022 AT 01:59 AM


The world’s newest wonder. This is how Royal Caribbean calls their new cruise ship Wonder of the Seas. The new vessel is now going through sea trials, and today we’ll see if it’s going to be better than other cruise ships in the fleet of the company.

The Wonder of the Seas cruise ship is an oasis-class vessel that sets a new record in gross tonnage making it 237 000 tons. Though the ship is 20 centimeters shorter than Harmony of the Seas. So basically this is going to be one of 5 Oasis-class ships in the fleet of the Royal Caribbean with one more vessel to be added in 2024. Though, the press was going mad recently when the company announced that they are testing the world’s new biggest cruise ship.


Today we are going to look at the entertainment, room plans, technical specs, and other important features of the ship.

In terms of technology, nothing is going to change much. Wonder of the Seas was built by the Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard in France. The ship is 362.1 meters long, 64 meters wide. The average draft is 30 feet. The ship will be able to take nearly 7 000 people onboard. Interestingly, the crew will remain the same as in any other Oasis-class ship of Royal Caribbean – it will be around 2300 crew members. The ship is powered by 6 Wartsila engines that set 3 azipods and 4 bow thrusters into movement. The cruising speed is 22.6 knots or 26 mph.

But specs aren’t the most important and interesting thing onboard the ship. Let’s look at what the cruise ship will offer to passengers. So, in addition to conventional neighborhoods, there will be a new Suite Neighborhood. This is a separate area available for passengers who booked suites in upper decks. The neighborhood will offer individual experience, the best restaurant, a great sundeck, a private lounge. Also, here you will find a new type of family room called the Ultimate Family Suite.

The other neighborhoods will include Central Park with wonderful cafes among the trees and bushes, Boardwalk with additional entertainments, Pool and Sports Zone with some gyms, pools, and sundecks, Entertainment Place with wonderful things to do when you are at sea, Royal Promenade which is the heart of every Oasis-class ship, Vitality Spa and Fitness Center with wonderful things that will make you healthier and more beautiful, and also Youth Zone for kids of different age.

Nine dining facilities will be open for all guests regardless of the ticket type. There will be 12 specialty dining facilities where you will be able to order exquisite dishes for an extra payment. 12 bars will be found on the decks of Wonder of the Seas.

Of course, the entertainment won’t allow you to just sit in your stateroom or suite without having much fun all over the ship. There are theatres, open spaces for performances, kid zones with wonderful entertainments, and also traditional entertainments you will want to find at any big cruise ship of Royal Caribbean. They are FlowRider attraction, rock climbing walls, the pools, sundecks, and all other places where you will have a great time. Also, explore the entertainment zone where you and your children will have wonderful ways to get some fun.

Among the types of rooms, you may choose inside rooms without any windows. If you choose this type, it’s recommended to pay a little more for a virtual balcony room. This is the type of room where you have a big screen with live broadcasting of what is going on outside. It looks just like a real balcony. Then there are sea-view rooms with windows and also traditional balcony rooms. You will be glad enough to have one of the suites, but this time they may cost very much. The trouble is that all-new cruise ships are quite popular with people who often choose cruises for their vacations and have some money to spare. So in the first year of service, all suites may be too expensive and always booked. Though, the number of suites was increased a little to meet the new requirements of all clients.

Royal Caribbean says that the ship is going to be used on most Caribbean cruises of the company. Initially, they were planning to use the ship in China and Japan in 2021, but the pandemic changed the plans. Now it will start in America in 2022 and then move to Europe when the season in the US is over. So, everyone will be able to have a new cruising experience with Royal Caribbean and their biggest ship which is the biggest cruise ship in the world.