If You Accuse Someone of Cheating and They Get Mad - Does It Mean Anything?

JAN 19, 2023 AT 11:41 AM


Cheating in a relationship is the most disgusting yet one of the most common ways to disrespect your partner. In their article, BBC stated that up to 75% of people admit to having been cheating in some way in their families and this figure is really huge. Well, there are other polls and researches that claim that 15% to 35% of people cheat on a regular basis.

Today, we’ll tell you whether it means something if your partner goes mad when accused of cheating. Does it mean he or she really cheats? We’ll also look at common signs that a person is cheating and will try to make you calm down a little to weigh in all facts and make a good decision for both of you.


Let’s get started!

Why can a person get mad when you accuse them of cheating?

This is a pretty natural reaction for both types of people: those who cheat and those who don’t. Just imagine that your husband is as faithful as it’s possible to be but you still keep suspecting him and accusing, trying to find some proof of his cheating and it becomes your paranoic idea. Of course, your husband will get mad, and eventually, your relationship will be broken.

Also, imagine a woman who spends 23 hours a day with her kid and is suddenly accused of cheating. This will cause a hurricane of reaction and it will be hard to avoid being hurt by that disaster.

But if you actually have some proof and start telling your partner this and he or she gets mad immediately, this could be the right sign that you are digging in the right direction. In this article, we’ll try to show you the difference between those two conditions and tell you how to react in each case.

Aren’t you becoming too obsessed with your partner’s possible cheating?

First of all, before we start searching for any proof of your partner’s cheating, we should calm down, and understand that it’s not the end of the world anyway. Then, we should think about whether we are the source of our partner’s madness.

Here are the certain red flags signaling you that you are probably wrong and should hold your horses:

  • You talk about possible cheating with your partner every day, this idea is always in your head.
  • You are obsessed with the possible cheating issue and try to search for proof pretty much all the time.
  • You act behind your partner’s back and try to investigate the cheating case by yourself or even with a private detective.
  • You constantly suspect your partner and are trying to check on him or her every single moment when you are together.
  • You check your partner’s phone, look at who calls them, read their messages, etc.

If everything we wrote above in those bullets describes what happens in your life right now, you should calm down. Everything that is hidden will eventually open up and you shouldn’t turn on your inner Sherlock to understand your partner is cheating.

Accusing him or her, asking them tricky questions, following them, or controlling their phones may lead to a much worse situation. Your partner may reveal this and eventually break up with you because of a lack of trust in your relationship. And they may have always been faithful to you.

So, the first step is to calm down and keep living your life but notice all the red flags that we’ll talk about later in this article.

What else can make your partner mad at you when talking about cheating?

Please consider that even if your husband or wife is getting mad when you accuse them of cheating, it doesn’t mean they actually cheat on you. It only means this topic is too sensitive and they hate your push.

Sometimes, the best solution is to avoid any scandals and arrange a talk with your partner in a restaurant or some other place where you will be relaxed and ready to share some feelings. Be as calm as possible – this will work as a tranquilizer for your partner and they will much easier tell you everything you need to know.

But when you both get mad, it’s impossible to figure out the truth.

Red flags that should show you your partner is cheating

Now, we assume you have calmed yourself down a little and are ready for some hard work that will help you understand if the partner is cheating or not. This is not going to happen right now. This is a long process and you will need to act as if nothing happens.

Once your partner notices that you suspect him or her, they will take all possible measures to hide their cheating. So, act as always and just take note of these red flags.

Here are some important changes that you should consider in any romantic relationship:

  1. Your partner set up the security measure for their phone but it was free to access earlier. When this happens, it most likely means that the person wants to hide something, but this is not proof you should base your scandal on.
  2. Suddenly, your partner started showing up later from work. Of course, this may also mean that their work duties have been changed, but some attention is needed.
  3. Their sexual desire suddenly became much colder. Any sharp changes may mean they have another person to have fun with. Of course, some health or mental issues may also be the case.
  4. Your partner became very irritated even because of small things. You don’t feel the love that was in your relationship before.
  5. When you have a quarrel or argument, your partner just gets away from home and then arrives in 2-3 hours calm and positive.
  6. Your partner never leaves his or her phone just anywhere in the house always holding it on them (in a pocket or just in their hands).
  7. Your partner always wants to go food shopping without you, to go for a walk without you, etc. This may mean that they are seeking the opportunity to meet with another person.

If only one of these factors is true, it may not mean anything bad. You should also consider other factors like a new position in their work or some new duties. But if some of these factors match, you should pay more attention to possible cheating.

What should you do to avoid driving your partner mad?

You don’t want to accuse anyone of cheating directly because this will most likely drive them mad. What you can do is keep pretending that everything is OK, but start checking things and gathering facts.

We don’t recommend any private detectives or all those kinds of things. You can easily do everything by yourself. Just start asking inconvenient questions, trying to always be around your partner, getting his phone when someone is calling, and acting the same way they act.

If this won’t help, have a talk with your partner. Tell him or her everything you know and suspect and listen to the reaction. Be as calm as possible and avoid any scandals. Such talks should happen in public places like cafes or restaurants.

Alternatively, you can track your partner at the moment when you think he or she is cheating. It’s not that hard to do – just ask some friend whose car your partner doesn’t know to give you a lift and follow the partner to see where exactly they go. Take pictures and then show these pictures to your loved one to let them explain.

If you are sure they are cheating, what are your steps?

Unfortunately, a lot of people cheat on their partners and spouses. So when you get this feeling, it should be all checked and verified properly. If your fears are actually true, you should decide whether or not you are ready to live with this person and if you can trust them in the future.

In most cases, it’s not worth building your relationship further because there is no happiness without full trust. And there can be no trust when you have learned about cheating. So, this relationship is almost always doomed to fail.

Well, in our opinion, you should have enough self-esteem and confidence to just end this all. This is still going to be a toxic relationship and it will poison you and your partner in the future.