11 mortgage mistakes that most people make

DEC 13, 2017 AT 01:48 AM


11. You rely on brokers’ advice


Stay away from blogs of loan brokers and mortgage intermediaries. Of course, sometimes it’s a good idea to use the services of a broker but don’t forget that you can also save the commission money paid to the broker.

 Even if we don’t take the commission money, a direct approach when dealing with lenders will give you a wide range of options to save money, especially if you know something about finance. You should find a helpful bank clerk and have full consultations with them including pre-counting of all your future payments.


Do you have spare 150 000 $ in your pocket? This is the amount of money one can easily overpay after taking the wrong kind of loan. Mortgage has both its good and bad sides. It allows us to acquire and live in our own house and stop paying rent every month.