People Are Having A Ball Recreating “High Fashion” from Ordinary Household Items

MAY 06, 2020 AT 05:18 AM


If you think only famous fashion designers can create unique clothing, think again! Around the world, people in lockdown are finding ways to beat boredom and express their creativity and catwalk style. We applaud these everyday designers inspired by ordinary household items to create their own sense of fashion.

You almost have to look twice to figure out which is real fashion and which is fake. Kudos to the imaginative “designers” who took creativity to a hilarious next level!


Pillow fashion


All “eyes” will be on you in this mysterious outfit. Are you a spy? A glamorous movie star in disguise? An eccentric millionaire?


Pasta shoes


Who knew ramen noodles could be so versatile? Not only do they make a quick and tasty meal, but you can also whip them into a pair of chic summer sandals!


Just from bed


Hate getting out of bed? With this cozy look, you can stay in bed no matter what time it is. Forget napping on the couch! This style takes relaxation to the next level.


Fashion cosplay


Always struggling to decide what to wear in the morning? This one-style-fits-all paper dress ends the daily hassle of wardrobe selection. Think of what you’ll save in laundry and dry-cleaning costs!


Carton dress


Recycling never looked so good. Why spend a fortune on expensive designer clothes when you can create your own fashion fantasy in cardboard instead?


Newspaper dress


Stay informed while you stay in style. Now you can always be up-to-date with world events and ready for conversation wherever you go.


Blanket cosplay


If you’ve ever dreamed about looking like an avant-garde lampshade, now’s your chance. Guaranteed this will be the best conversation starter ever!


Homemade fashion


This woman truly stepped up to the Picasso challenge. Living art truly takes on a completely new meaning with this creation.


Lips and cans


No cooler to carry your cold drinks? Wear them as a convenient headband and have a refreshing drink ready at all times. Just make sure you don’t freeze your ears off!


Princess dress


If you’ve always dreamed of impersonating a pink flamingo lawn ornament, get ready to rock your unique style. You don’t even have to perch on one leg!


Sleeping dress


The portable bed fetish appears to have gone fashion mainstream. It’s also the perfect solution for those days you just don’t want to make your real bed.


Rubbish dress


Here’s an interesting cross between a cocoon and duvet. You, too, can experience what a butterfly feels like when it emerges from its cocoon.


Awful costume


Last-minute event to attend and nothing to wear? Use your partner to make a bold fashion statement.


Foil dress


The term used to be called “letting the cat out of the bag”. Now it seems to be anything with two or four legs getting into the bag.


Blanket costume


Would you say this outfit is a cross between a desperate last-minute Halloween costume or a demented crash test dummy? Only a psychic can figure out this one.