Designer Creates Amazing Optical Illusions That Will Make You Look Twice

MAY 09, 2020 AT 01:56 AM


When you think of art, you typically think of canvas and paint. But in today’s digital world, there’s no limit to an artist’s creativity or the masterpieces they create from their imagination. Looking to be inspired? At Buhamster, we’re always on the lookout for fresh new talent. Ronald Ong is one such artist. Check out the amazing work of this young designer. You literally won’t believe your eyes!


Oreo zebra

Zebra oreo cookie


This whimsical combination of a zebra and Oreo cookies was inspired while Ronald was eating Oreos. Makes you want to grab a glass of milk and chow down!

Dandelion hedgehog



Who can resist an adorable hedgehog? But this dandelion-hog is simply too cute for words. Blow on him and make a wish!

Fox loaf

Loaf of fox


This fox cleverly disguised as a loaf of bread is one of Ronald’s most popular images. It’s hard to see where the fox starts and the bread ends.

Cloud egg

Cloud became egg


Anyone who enjoys their eggs sunny side up will love this image. All that’s missing are a few sides of bacon.

Giraffe’s lunch

Giraffe reaches for food


Nothing to eat on the tree? It seems giraffes will reach any heights to find a tasty meal!

Cat croissant

Cat became croissant


This cat croissant looks so appetizing you don’t know whether to pet it or eat it. The colors are a perfect match.

Nature fox

Rocky fox


This surreal image of a fox merging with the rock and the forest celebrates Ronald’s vision of nature’s pristine beauty.

Orange tiger

Tiger became orange


As this tiger takes a graceful leap into the air, his stripes are cleverly turning into virtual orange slices.

Changing season

Between the seasons


The fox’s magical transition from the green of summer into a winter landscape is captured in a single jump.