12 Natural Wonders You Can Visit Via Public Transportation

MAY 06, 2020 AT 06:02 AM


Some of the world’s most incredible natural wonders are located in remote deserts and jungles a long way from the closest bus stop or subway station. But these gems aren’t always easy to find. Mother Nature guards her secrets well with difficult conditions designed to deter all but the most determined traveler.

But to the adventurous, the rewards are well worth it. Don’t worry if you don’t have a car. Take a bus or train and explore these twelve amazing natural wonders accessible by public transportation.


1. Mendenhall Glacier

Mendenhall Glacier


West Glacier Trail


To reach this amazing glacier near Juneau, Alaska, catch bus route 3 from the Juneau Public Library. It will take you to the base of the West Glacier Trail, where a four-mile out-and-back trail leads past the glacier and Mendenhall Lake.


2. Yuncheng Salt Lake

Yuncheng Salt Lake

Top Photo Corporation/Alamy

Salt lake, China

Imaginechina Limited/Alamy

This technicolor vision is located at Yuncheng, China. Several bus lines (21, 66, 88) run from downtown Yuncheng to an amazing salt lake transformed by algae in the summer into a palette of brilliant colors.


3. Maungawhau (Mount Eden)

Mount Eden




This long-dormant, 650’ high volcano is situated in the middle of Auckland, New Zealand. Although there’s no transportation to the peak, you can reach the base from the Mt. Eden station.


4. Waiānuenue (Rainbow Falls)

Rainbow Falls

David Hayes/Alamy



The breathtaking waterfalls are located at Wailuku River State Park in Hilo, Hawaii. You can reach them by the Hele-On Bus' Intra Hilo-Kaumana route.


5. Bronson Cave

Bronson Cave

Rozette Rago

Griffith Park

Rozette Rago

Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California is a well-known wilderness are within the city. This old rock quarry offers a fantastic view of the famous Hollywood sign. Take the DASH Beachwood Canyon bus route that stops near the trailhead. From there it will be a 2-3 mile hike to the cave.


6. Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes


Limestone lakes


These sixteen magical limestone lakes are located in the Dinaric Alps at Plivitcka, Jezera, Croatia. Travel to them by bus from several major cities, including Split, Zagreb, and Zadar.


7. Great Blue Hill

Great Blue Hill


Blue Hills Reservation


This famous hill that gave the state its name is located within the Blue Hills Reservation, a 7,000-acre park near Milton, Massachusetts. Use the 238 bus to reach the Skyline Trail trailhead.


8. Badu Mangroves

Badu Mangroves


A scenic boardwalk takes you through this beautiful mangrove forest located in Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney, Australia. Reach it via Sydney’s T7 train line.


9. The Black Beaches of La Palma

Black Beaches


Volcanic beach


Fine grains of volcanic rock create the black sand of this stunning beach at Brena Baja, Spain. The 500 bus route runs between the island's airport, capital, and black sand beaches.


10. The Catalina Island Bison Herd

Catalina Island


Bison Herd


Located off the coast of Los Angeles, California, Santa Catalina Island can be reached by passenger ferries operating from four ports in Southern California. The island is known for its bison herd.


11. Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

national park service

Lily ponds


This gorgeous collection of lily ponds that bloom in the summer can be found in Washington DC, USA. To get to the gardens, take the Metro's Orange line to Deanwood.


12. Rat Rock in Morningside Heights

Rat Rock


Located in New York, USA, this huge boulder rises 30’ feet high in the middle of a Manhattan neighborhood. Around the corner from 116 Street Station, take the 1 line of the city subway.