Fearless Angela Nikolau – the Woman on the Roof

MAY 09, 2020 AT 02:30 AM


After a while, looking at the same old pictures of attractive women on social media starts getting a bit boring. There’s nothing new or exciting to see. That is unless you check out Angela Nikolau’s spectacular pictures. Fear of heights isn’t in this young woman’s vocabulary as she fearlessly poses on the tallest buildings around the world.


Hong Kong

Rooftop at Hong Kong


Fear isn’t a word Angela recognizes as she poses on a Hong Kong roof as casually as if she were sitting in her living room.

Luzhniki Stadium

Girl roofer at Luzhniki


Angela's skills as a roof climber make her accomplishments look so easy. Here, she stands confidently on the Luzhniki stadium in Russia.


Real danger

Picture on tall building


Using no safety equipment, Angela poses fearlessly on the tallest buildings.



Paris roofer’s photo


Angela looks like an angel as she gazes toward the Eiffel Tower. Even more amazing is that she’s wearing heels.



Rooftop picture at Shenzhen


Perched near the edge of a rooftop in Shenzhen, Angela’s composure is nothing less than remarkable.


Victoria Peak

Hong Kong, girl-roofer


Angela boldly shows off her gymnastic skills in Victoria Peak, Hong Kong.


Tempting danger

Dangerous roofer picture


Hong Kong seems to be one of Angela’s favorite locations. Here she looks like Sleeping Beauty resting on a ledge.



City rooftop photo


In Kayseri, Turkey, a beautiful sunset perfectly frames Angela on a city rooftop.


Experienced background

Roofer with gymnastics skills

Beautiful girl roofer


Angela’s father was an aerial artist in a circus and spent years teaching his skills to his daughter.


Leaving gymnastics

Angela Nikolau rooftop photo

On top of the world


Angela was involved in gymnastics for 12 years, but when she decided that she wasn’t going to be a professional gymnast, she began her career as an Instagram model.



Angela Nikolau – girl-roofer;

Sitting on dangerous height


Angela now has 1 million followers on her Instagram account and continues to create amazing photos. Many international brands now sponsor her posts.


What about her parents?

On the edge of building


Angela’s father was disappointed that his daughter gave up professional gymnastics, but he supports his daughter. However, Angela tells her grandparents that her pictures are photoshopped to keep them from worrying.