TOP 10 countries with mighty nuclear weapon

FEB 02, 2018 AT 03:28 AM


1. Russian Federation

Nuclear weapon - Russian Federation

No one knows for sure how many nuclear bombs there are in Russia. The only “Tsar” bomb contains as much power as 3800 Hiroshima bombs. Overall, this country seems to be the most powerful and dangerous in terms of nuclear power weapons.


2. The USA

Nuclear weapon - USA

Uncle Sam doesn’t sleep and wants to be the first.  According to the world’s most respected weapon experts, America holds second place in this horrible rating. It’s true only when we look at figures of bomb potential. Most experts agree that the US has the best army and the best technologies.


3. France

Nuclear weapon - France

Although nowadays France is more concerned with its inner policy, nuclear power makes the state an important international player. With over 300 weapons based on nuclear power, it holds third place. France is one of the most peaceful countries due to public concerns.


4. China

Nuclear weapon - China

China, one of the last communist countries, takes fourth place in this race. China has 250 weapons with nuclear elements and the country uses them to threaten their enemies all the time. The regime of the communist party has many true and imaginary enemies and weapons help them feel secure.


5. The UK

Nuclear weapon - UK

Former mighty colony-keeper, the United Kingdom is now among the most influential countries of the world. The number of missiles in the UK equals 225. Though the policy of the country is now quite peaceful, it’s unlikely that the Monarchy will ever use nuclear power unless at war.


6. Pakistan

Nuclear weapon - Pakistan

You’ll be shocked, but Britain’s former colony, Pakistan, is the sixth country in the world in terms of nuclear bombs. More than 120 missiles are in the country. If you look at figures, this country has a much more powerful army than India and other neighbors. Stakes are high, and the political regimes are often playing bad jokes with such weapons.


7. India

Nuclear weapon - India

Next to Pakistan is another former colony of the UK. India officially has100 nuclear bombs with different power and capacity. According to the politics of the country, they are unlikely to use it for anything but defense. So, it’s quite a bad idea to overlook India when talking about political interests in the Middle East.


8. Israel

Nuclear weapon - Israel

It’s been over 30 years that Israel has had a constant war in some regions. Israel’s political leaders tend to not remember nuclear weapons and the country’s responsibility. Israel is the eighth country in the world according to major weapon experts. Let’s hope the conflict will calm down soon.


9. North Korea

Nuclear weapon - North Korea

No one can say for sure the number or even the presence of nuclear power bombs on North Korea’s territory. Every single month, the army leaders make some awful nuclear tests and provide information about it to the whole world. We are hoping that it is all bluff, but what if it isn’t?


10. Iran

Nuclear weapon - Iran

Another country with war potential is Iran. The country produces nuclear power weapons, but now it continues to have debates with the US government. The fact remains, the country closes the TOP 10 states with nuclear weapons, and it became an influential player in the world.