Top 20 most dangerous countries in the world for tourists

NOV 25, 2017 AT 02:31 AM




Much of the social unrest in Venezuela is due to shortages of basic goods such as medicine, water, electricity and food. One of the highest crime rates worldwide is in this country; and this includes carjacking, murders, kidnappings and armed robberies. If you are a foreigner you are an easy target because the locals view you as having more money than them, and do not expect justice if robbed - only very few crimes end up being prosecuted. There is also a phenomenon called “virtual kidnappings”, where you fill certain forms. The locals advise against this because it is usual a fraud for gangs to collect information on their family members.

When the travelling bug bites you, you want to explore as many countries in the world as you possibly can. If you have planned for that long pending holiday that can assist you to relax and let go of the problems you face at your job or at home, you may have wondered about the safety of where you plan to visit. Because holidays are something to be treasured, do not risk ruining them because of bad experiences.