15 best pictures from latest Burning Man festival

MAY 31, 2018 AT 04:20 AM


1. Epic statue to burn

Epic statue to burn

Every single piece of Burning Man is made for burning in the end. This masterpiece was also destroyed by fire after the festival was finished.


2. One more fire victim

One more fire victim

Another statue that can be considered as the best one at the festival. This dancing girl was the last big object there to get burned at the end.


3. The house record-player

The house record-player

This construction is one of hundreds weird things you could find at Burning Man. These are made by both well-known and beginning artists from all over the world.


4. A bird’s eye view

A bird’s eye view

This picture was taken on the first day of the festival from a plane passing by the place. It shows the scale and range of the event, which is the most popular among Americans now.


5. Weird transport

Weird transport

There are loads of wonderful special transport types prepared for Burning Man. The previous year was full of such vehicles, and the example on the picture isn’t the weirdest one.


6. Sand protection

Sand protection

The festival takes place in a desert, so it’s vital to protect your nose and eyes from sand and strong hot winds. This woman made the best out of the circumstances.


7. The Burning Man girls

The Burning Man girls

One of the most important reasons for plenty of men to go to the event is a lot of wonderful girls and a quite free society. Lots of couples are traditionally formed here.


8. The final moment

The last evening of the festival is known for burning everything down. This is probably the most extreme and wonderful show you can find in America these days.

The final moment

9. Mind-breaking installation

Mind-breaking installation

A lot of installations are hard to understand, but most of them have their inner sense. This one shows that the community nowadays is really hard to keep together - we split up and fall down.


10. Another wonderful machine

Another wonderful machine

You can find hundreds of transport types here and some of them are fully hand-made. You can’t actually drive such a car on American roads, but at Burning Man, there are no rules.


11. Free to do anything

Free to do anything

Every visitor here is free to do whatever he or she wants. There are no rules, no special clothes, no entrance fees, no obligations. By the way, lots of people use bicycles for transport.


12. Fairy-tale creatures

Fairy-tale creatures

There are plenty of places to make wonderful pictures. If you like updating your profile, the best place for new and fresh photos is Burning Man in the first 2 days.


13. There are hurricanes

There are hurricanes

Small tornados are everywhere and the wind blows constantly. So, there is a chance to be hurt, and that happens often. You have to be careful and not drink too much.


14. It has to be burned

It has to be burned

This wooden construction stands in the centre of the area and it starts the burning process in the end. Everything is constructed with the help of volunteers and festival visitors.


15. Kids are also there

Kids are also there

There are lots of children around, and they are also having fun. These kids create a lot of art and with their fresh view on life, make the festival much younger every year.