Stylist created a stunning anti-aging hairstyle for a 70-year-old woman so she could feel in her 30’s again

JAN 28, 2020 AT 02:55 PM



New hairstyle

Meet Beverley

Today we want to tell you a heartwarming story about a wonderful transformation. Beverley has always been a cheerful and energetic woman. After recent shoulder surgery, she couldn't manage to do her hair and makeup, so she decided to pamper herself and signed up as a model for a project called "Makeover", led by Christopher Hopkins, a famous stylist.


New hairstyle of old lady

Old lady hairstyle

New appearance of old lady

Examples of Christopher Hopkins' work

Christopher has been transforming women for over thirty years. His passion is to restore a woman's youth. Check out examples of some of his work.

But let's get back to Beverley. She was inspired by a woman from Great Britain who traveled far and at great expense to be on to Christopher's show. That's when Beverly thought, If a woman could go this far to transform herself, why can't I do it for myself?


Bad style of old lady

Age is stealing her beauty

Beverley still feels like a thirty-year-old woman and has a youthful, upbeat spirit. Her family has always admired her energy. But as she's gotten older, it became harder for her to maintain an active lifestyle. Although she still feels like a young woman, how she feels doesn't match what she sees in the mirror. She says, "When someone asks me about my age, I sometimes answer that I'm thirty-five. It's because I still feel like a young woman. I have a young soul".


New style of old lady

After the Makeover

Beverly was curious about what a stylist could do to capture her youthful spirit. Christopher's new hairstyle and light makeup transformed her.


Great style of old lady

Happy Beverley

After the makeover, Beverley said in an interview, "Nine out of ten people on these shows have on so much makeup they don't look like themselves and often look older than they are. 'Smoky eyes' and other trends don't suit everyone."


Old lady with her daughter

Beverley with her daughter

Beverley's daughter also came to the show to support her mother. She was astonished by the transformation. Not even Beverley could believe it when she first looked into the mirror. She said that the changes made her feel younger and more energetic despite her recent surgery.

It's almost impossible to say who looks older in these pictures. Beverley's family was amazed by the transformation. It's a shame we only have 'before and after' pictures. It would be interesting to watch the whole process.


Old lady is happy

Video call

After her transformation, Beverley called her granddaughter to show off her new look. Everyone loved the results and her family was delighted to get their youthful, energetic grandmother back.