15 pictures with pure happiness on them

MAY 31, 2018 AT 04:32 AM


1. First birthday cake

First birthday cake

There is probably no bigger enjoyment than to eat your first birthday cake- at least, if you look at this picture and the boy’s emotions!


2. After a long search

After a long search

This woman had been looking for her kitten for 16 days and finally found it. The picture is taken more than two weeks after a huge hurricane destroyed entire cities.


3. A cat’s paradise

A cat’s paradise

Can you imagine more happiness than a cat with dozens of fish around him? Just look at how many pure emotions a cat’s face can show when the affair is good enough.


4. Beer’s happiness

Beer’s happiness

Even a glass of beer can be happier than some people. It’s not that common to take such pictures of alcoholic drinks showing their inner world.


5. Joy that can’t be spoilt

Joy that can’t be spoilt

If you aren’t happy with the way your kids react to new presents, just look at this African girl receiving the first soft toy she had had in her life. It explains the spoilt state of our community.


6. Surrounded by cuties

Surrounded by cuties

It’s hard to get whether this dog is so happy because of great neighbors, or he just sees a lot of food. Anyway, his wonderful smile tells you that the happiness is really deep.


7. Milky paradise

Milky paradise

It’s hard to imagine that an animal can play such a role as this cat. He’s really happy with the amount of milk, but does he know it’s not for him?


8. Riding a big bird

Riding a big bird

Happiness can be waiting for you just around the corner. This guy had no idea that he would have the happiest day of his life when he was on the way to the ostrich farm.


9. Tastes great

Watermelon tastes great

Sometimes the only thing that’s needed for complete happiness is to taste something new that is wonderful. Can you remember when you tried your favorite fruit or berry for the first time?


10. Childhood of joy

Childhood of joy

This piggy seems to be the happiest small animal ever. Let’s hope its friendship with the dogs will last even when they are grown-ups.


11. Zen frog

Zen frog

The frog seems to have found inner happiness depending on no other factors. Let everyone be as gracious and happy as this little green animal.


12. Fan’s dream

Fan’s dream

Sometimes it’s difficult to find happiness in small things. But for this fellow, it appeared to be easy – one handshake probably changed the way this boy looks at life.


13. Heaven for dogs

Heaven for dogs

Scientists tell that a dog cannot express any kind of emotion with its face. This creature ruins that theory with his only look – this might be pure happiness.


14. Whole life in one day

Whole life in one day

The picture shows the birthday of an old lady who turned 96. She’s still happily living with her loving husband and a whole team of a family. Maybe this is the feeling everyone seeks.


15. Revenge to police

Revenge to police

The only age you can get away after kicking a policeman is being a toddler. So, this guy used every chance he had and exacted revenge on lots of other people. And he looks happy!