15 foods to eat for living over 100 years

MAR 16, 2018 AT 06:35 AM


1. Walnuts

Food to eat for living more - walnuts

Walnuts are full of vital microelements for your body and brain. A lot of healthy fats are available to support human’s nervous system. Eat at least ¼ cup per day to supply your body with needed minerals.


2. Lemons

Food to eat for living more - lemons

Lemons are probably the best food to eat if you lack vitamin C. The lemon’s flavonoids help to depress the growth of cancer cells and can help prevent a number of other diseases including flu.


3. Broccoli

Food to eat for living more - broccoli

Broccoli is a wonderful source of vitamin K, which helps build strong bones and supports the immune system to fight illnesses. Make sure you cook it correctly.


4. Beans

Food to eat for living more - beans

Beans are a source of healthy vegetable protein which is the easiest way to build your body. Beans have fiber which helps the body digest other foods and is not a source of bad fats.


5. Dark Chocolate

Food to eat for living more - dark chocolate

Do not eat milk chocolate bars with raisins and nuts inside. Eat pure dark chocolate and stay healthy with the cocoa flavonoids and acids which are usually lacking in your body.


6. Tomatoes

Food to eat for living more - tomatoes

Different types of tomatoes are wonderful to help fight cancer cells. They also provide your body with needed ingredients to enrich the blood. Every person should consume at least 1 big tomato each week.


7. Salmon

Food to eat for living more - salmon

If you aren’t a vegetarian, make sure you include protein-rich salmon in your diet. It also provides you with healthy fats that aren’t likely to be found anywhere else.


8. Avocados

Food to eat for living more - avocados

Among all the fruit types, avocados seem to be the healthiest option. They are rich in vitamins and microelements to keep you healthy. Avocados are proven to decrease the risk of heart attacks.


9. Garlic

Food to eat for living more - garlic

If you don’t eat fresh garlic, then you are at risk constantly. Garlic helps kill harmful microorganisms and keep your body clean of all helminthes. It also improves the immune system.


10. Berries

Food to eat for living more - berries

All fresh berries are wonderful to consume. It is best to eat them in season, but frozen berries are the best alternative. However, when fruit is cooked and tinned it loses nearly all its goodness.


11. Spinach

Food to eat for living more - spinach

This green leafy vegetable contains a huge amount of lutein. Consuming spinach helps protect your immune system, eyes, and women’s health. Lutein plays a major role in ovulation and the possibility of becoming pregnant.


12. Olive Oil

Food to eat for living more - olive oil

Among all the different kinds of oil, olive oil is filled with healthy fats, acids, and flavonoids. It helps increase heart health, and to build strong and elastic blood vessels. Make sure you include olive oil in your everyday diet.


13. Yoghurt

Food to eat for living more - yoghurt

Fresh milk should be consumed every day. But yoghurt is wonderful for everyone. It helps create and maintain the body’s microflora and aids in full digestion of the food you eat.


14. Eggs

Food to eat for living more - eggs

Egg whites are full of protein. The yolks were reported as being bad for our health. However, recent studies showed that eating the yolk and whites together is much healthier than eating only the whites.


15. Dried Fruit

Food to eat for living more - dried fruit

These options are especially helpful in winter when fresh fruit is not available. Dried fruit retains a lot of healthy microelements and vitamins. They also create additional immune power during the cold months of the year.