16 unbelievable pictures of things you won’t believe exist

MAR 16, 2018 AT 06:49 AM


1. Namib Desert

Namib Desert

This shot is taken near the Sossusvlei River – probably the most picturesque place in the desert world. Such dunes are unique and they change all the time under the power of the wind and water.


2. Two-Faced Cat

Two-Faced Cat

It looks like a photo-shopped picture but it’s a real one! This cat is absolutely unique and such a cat may be one in a billion. He surely has half of mother’s face and half of his father’s.


3. Road Rolls

Road Rolls

 It happened in Japan in 2011 during one of the earthquakes. Two strips of the road were wrenched apart because the levels of the ground changed. You’d probably notice the quality of Japanese asphalt because it didn’t even crack.


4. Footprints on Wooden Floor

Footprints on Wooden Floor

This picture shows the place where an old monk has been praying every day in the same spot for over 20 years! It’s hard to believe that the wood can really be shaped that way, but it can.


5. Frozen Ocean

Frozen Ocean

It needs less than 28.4 degrees Fahrenheit to make ocean water freeze. Here you see something unique – a man on a horse feels safe on the ocean surface.


6. Underwater Society

Underwater Society

This was found accidentally and no one can name the origin. Some think it is the remnants of an ancient city that was submerged under water.


7. One Big Flamingo

One Big Flamingo

Here is one huge flamingo which is formed by thousands real flamingos. It’s probably the best example of collective thinking which is now being studied actively by those in zoology.


8. Fish with a Human’s Jaw

Fish with a Human’s Jaw

You’d be quite frightened after catching such a fish in your local river. It’s a very rare species of fish which isn’t likely to be caught. It’s interesting to see that the fish needs to visit a dentist.


9. Pink Lake

Pink Lake

Deep pink color of the water in this lake is caused by abnormal concentrations of special salt. It’s Lake Retba, which is located in Senegal. Unfortunately, it will become transparent again soon because of huge amount of illegal salt miners.


10. Welcome to Hell

Welcome to Hell

It’s not the entrance to Hell, as you might have thought at first. It’s just a newly designed underground station which was made by Swedish designers. You may check it out when visiting Stockholm.


11. Wave Arizona

Wave Arizona

It’s hard to believe that such places are easily found in the US. Wave Arizona is one of the most loved places to visit by tourists who try to find the most intriguing landscapes.


12. Two Skies – No Ground

Two Skies – No Ground

This picture is taken in Bolivia in the famous salty desert called Salar de Uyuni. It’s probably the best place to take wonderful pictures and witness the beauty of nature.


13. Ghost Trees

Ghost Trees

These trees were taken in Pakistan after there had been numerous floods. Thousands of spiders climbed up the trees to safety and formed unbelievable pictures.


14. Nevada’s Geysers

Nevada’s Geysers

This is the famous Fly Geyser placed in Nevada. It is a wonderful place which was thought to be the entrance to the other world. Now it is seen as one of the most beautiful places in the US.


15. Hell’s Entrance

Hell’s Entrance

Another entrance to Hell can be found in Turkmenistan. There is a hole in the ground which has been on fire for the last 45 years. Scientists are now trying to find the reasons for such a phenomenon.


16. Unbelievable Ice Color

Unbelievable Ice Color

Lake Baikal in Russia is considered the cleanest lake ever. Wonderful emerald ice is formed when the weather is just right, which is great for photography. Before going to see it, remember that it can be seen only in the northern parts of the Lake.